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    Recombinant Human Retinal dehydrogenase 2(ALDH1A2)

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      Avi-tag Biotinylated

      E. coli biotin ligase (BirA) is highly specific in covalently attaching biotin to the 15 amino acid AviTag peptide. This recombinant protein was biotinylated in vivo by AviTag-BirA technology, which method is BriA catalyzes amide linkage between the biotin and the specific lysine of the AviTag.

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      Mammalian cell
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    • 纯度:
      Greater than 85% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
    • 基因名:
    • Uniprot No.:
    • 别名:
      AL1A2_HUMAN; Aldehyde dehydrogenase family 1 member A2; ALDH1A2 aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 family; member A2 ; ALDH1A2; Aldh1a7; AV116159; MGC26444; RALDH 2; RALDH(II); Raldh1; RalDH2; RALDH2 T; Retinal dehydrogenase 2; Retinaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 ; Retinaldehyde specific dehydrogenase type 2; Retinaldehyde-specific dehydrogenase type 2
    • 种属:
      Homo sapiens (Human)
    • 蛋白长度:
      Full length protein
    • 表达区域:
    • 氨基酸序列
    • 蛋白标签:
      The following tags are available.
      N-terminal His-tagged
      The tag type will be determined during production process. If you have specified tag type, please tell us and we will develop the specified tag preferentially.
    • 产品提供形式:
      Lyophilized powder
      Note: We will preferentially ship the format that we have in stock, however, if you have any special requirement for the format, please remark your requirement when placing the order, we will prepare according to your demand.
    • 复溶:
      We recommend that this vial be briefly centrifuged prior to opening to bring the contents to the bottom. Please reconstitute protein in deionized sterile water to a concentration of 0.1-1.0 mg/mL.We recommend to add 5-50% of glycerol (final concentration) and aliquot for long-term storage at -20℃/-80℃. Our default final concentration of glycerol is 50%. Customers could use it as reference.
    • 储存条件:
      Store at -20°C/-80°C upon receipt, aliquoting is necessary for mutiple use. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
    • 保质期:
      The shelf life is related to many factors, storage state, buffer ingredients, storage temperature and the stability of the protein itself.
      Generally, the shelf life of liquid form is 6 months at -20°C/-80°C. The shelf life of lyophilized form is 12 months at -20°C/-80°C.
    • 货期:
      Delivery time may differ from different purchasing way or location, please kindly consult your local distributors for specific delivery time.
      Note: All of our proteins are default shipped with normal blue ice packs, if you request to ship with dry ice, please communicate with us in advance and extra fees will be charged.
    • 注意事项:
      Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended. Store working aliquots at 4°C for up to one week.
    • Datasheet :
      Please contact us to get it.



    • 功能:
      Converts retinaldehyde to retinoic acid. Recognizes as substrates free retinal and cellular retinol-binding protein-bound retinal. Can metabolize octanal and decanal, but has only very low activity with benzaldehyde, acetaldehyde and propanal. Displays complete lack of activity with citral.
    • 基因功能参考文献:
      1. The authors findings indicate that the SNP rs4238326 in ALDH1A2 gene may potentially modify individual susceptibility to knee OA in the Chinese population. PMID: 28089900
      2. high transcription activities of ALDH1A2, ALDH1A3 and ALDH1L1 predicted worsen overall survival in gastric cancer patients PMID: 27015121
      3. Data show that hRALDH2 is not inhibited by its oxidation product, all-trans-RA, suggesting the absence of a negative feedback regulatory loop. Expression of the Raldh2 gene is known to be regulated by RA itself, suggesting that the main regulation of the hRALDH2 activity level is transcriptional. PMID: 27001866
      4. Study shows no evidence that genetic variants alter prostate cancer incidence, but show that SNPs in the ALDH1A2 gene affect prostate cancer mortality. PMID: 27643404
      5. a critical role of ALDH1A2-RAR signaling in the pathogenesis of head and neck cancer. PMID: 26634247
      6. High expression of ALDH1A2 and ALDH1B1 mRNA was found to be significantly correlated to worser survival in all NSCLC patients. PMID: 26366059
      7. the distribution of RALDH1, RALDH2, and RALDH3 in the postnatal eye was determined. PMID: 25793304
      8. ALDH1A2 is involved in the regulation of cancer stem cell properties in neuroblastoma. PMID: 25524880
      9. At the transcript level, the cisplatin + DEAB-resistant cells showed upregulated mRNA expression levels for ALDH1A2, ALDH1A3 isozymes and CD44 indicating the involvement of these markers in conferring chemoresistance PMID: 24884875
      10. DNA methylation at multiple CpG sites is associated with loss of control over alcohol drinking. PMID: 24236815
      11. Severe osteoarthritis of the hand associates with common variants within the ALDH1A2 gene and with rare variants at 1p31. PMID: 24728293
      12. These findings suggest that ALDH1A2 is the enzyme involved in retinoic acid biosynthesis in human germ cells. PMID: 24524833
      13. all three proteins (RDH10, RALDH2, and CRABP2) appeared to be required for ATRA production induced by activation of PPARgamma PMID: 23833249
      14. ALDH1A2 protein was effective in AraC resistance. ALDH1A2 knock-down induced sensitivity to AraC treatment in K562AC cells. ALDH1A2 overexpressed K562S cells acquired the AraC resistance. Ara-C-resistant patients had increased ALDH1A2. PMID: 23507523
      15. In vivo reduction of vitamin A levels results in an increase in astrocyte RALDH2 expression in the hippocampus. PMID: 22930583
      16. Aberrant methylation of ALDH1a2 gene is the main cause for gene transcriptional inactivation in human bladder cancer cell lines. 5-Aza-2'-deoxycitydine or trichostatin A treatment induces ALDH1a2 expression. PMID: 20450613
      17. A human ALDH1A2 gene variant is associated with increased newborn kidney size and serum retinoic acid. PMID: 20375987
      18. Individual variation in ALDH1A2/CRABP2 genes may account for subtle variations in retinoic acid-dependent human embryogenesis. PMID: 20308937
      19. The results of this study suggested a positive association between ALDH1A2 and schizophrenics in the Chinese population and support the retinoid hypothesis of schizophrenia. PMID: 19703508
      20. polymorphisms in ALDH1A2 may influence the risk for lumbosacral myelomeningocele PMID: 16237707
      21. Raldh2-/- knockout embryos exhibit defective morphogenesis of various forebrain derivatives, including the ventral diencephalon, the optic and telencephalic vesicles. PMID: 16368932
      22. Gene duplication event that gave rise to Aldh1a1 and Aldh1a2 was more recent than the duplication event that gave rise to Aldh1a3. PMID: 19478994
      23. our screen indicates that ALDH1A2 genetic variation is present in tetralogy of Fallot patients, suggesting a possible causal role for this gene in rare cases of human congenital heart disease PMID: 19886994



    • 亚细胞定位:
    • 蛋白家族:
      Aldehyde dehydrogenase family
    • 数据库链接:

      HGNC: 15472

      OMIM: 603687

      KEGG: hsa:8854

      STRING: 9606.ENSP00000249750

      UniGene: Hs.643455

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