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    Recombinant Escherichia coli Chaperone protein DnaK(dnaK)

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    • 货号:
    • 规格:
    • 图片:
      • (Tris-Glycine gel) Discontinuous SDS-PAGE (reduced) with 5% enrichment gel and 15% separation gel.
    • 其他:


    • 纯度:
      Greater than 90% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
    • 基因名:
    • Uniprot No.:
    • 别名:
      dnaK; UTI89_C0016Chaperone protein DnaK; HSP70; Heat shock 70 kDa protein; Heat shock protein 70
    • 种属:
      Escherichia coli (strain UTI89 / UPEC)
    • 蛋白长度:
      Full Length
    • 来源:
    • 分子量:
      71.1 kDa
    • 表达区域:
    • 氨基酸序列
      Note: The complete sequence including tag sequence, target protein sequence and linker sequence could be provided upon request.
    • 蛋白标签:
      N-terminal 6xHis-tagged
    • 产品提供形式:
      Liquid or Lyophilized powder
      Note: We will preferentially ship the format that we have in stock, however, if you have any special requirement for the format, please remark your requirement when placing the order, we will prepare according to your demand.
    • 缓冲液:
      Tris-based buffer,50% glycerol
    • 储存条件:
      Store at -20°C/-80°C upon receipt, aliquoting is necessary for mutiple use. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
    • 保质期:
      The shelf life is related to many factors, storage state, buffer ingredients, storage temperature and the stability of the protein itself.
      Generally, the shelf life of liquid form is 6 months at -20°C/-80°C. The shelf life of lyophilized form is 12 months at -20°C/-80°C.
    • 货期:
      3-7 business days
    • 注意事项:
      Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended. Store working aliquots at 4°C for up to one week.
    • 产品描述:

      Recombinant E.coli UTI89 / UPEC dnaK?Protein is encoded by dnaK?gene — recombinant dnaK DNA — that has integrated foreign plasmids into the Yeast genome, the foreign DNA is replicated along with the host DNA. In addition, the expression of foreign proteins requires the use of specialized expression vectors and often necessitates the significant restructuring of the foreign coding sequence. The subsequent expression process includes small-scale expression, protein identification, large-scale expression, and protein purification. The purity of this recombinant dnaK is 90%+.

      DnaK is a protein coding gene that encodes Chaperone protein DnaK. According to some research, DnaK may have the following features.
      Stimulation of DnaK's ATPase activity may contribute to its more efficient recycling. ATP-bound DnaK is the predominant form that initiates interactions with substrates for chaperone activity. DnaK also has a prominent function in stabilizing proteins for subsequent folding by GroEL. The DnaK protein contributed to the growth of E. coli by not only protecting some enzymes from denaturation, but also reactivating some enzymes when they misfolded or aggregated. Substrate shuttling between the DnaK and GroEL systems suggests a chaperone network that promotes protein folding.

    • Datasheet & COA:
      Please contact us to get it.



    • 功能:
      Acts as a chaperone.
    • 蛋白家族:
      Heat shock protein 70 family
    • 数据库链接:

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