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    Human Complement 4,C4 ELISA Kit

    • 中文名稱:
      人補體蛋白4(C4)ELISA Kit
    • 貨號:
    • 規格:
    • 價格:
    • 其他:


    • 產品描述:

      This Human Complement 4 (C4) ELISA Kit was designed for the quantitative measurement of Human Complement 4 (C4) protein in serum, plasma, tissue homogenates. It is a Sandwich ELISA kit, its detection range is 0.41 ng/mL-300 ng/mL and the sensitivity is 0.41 ng/mL.

    • 別名:
      Acidic C4 ELISA Kit; Acidic complement C4 ELISA Kit; Basic C4 ELISA Kit; Basic complement C4 ELISA Kit; C3 and PZP-like alpha-2-macroglobulin domain-containing protein 2 ELISA Kit; C3 and PZP-like alpha-2-macroglobulin domain-containing protein 3 ELISA Kit; C4; Chido form ELISA Kit; C4; Rodgers from ELISA Kit; C4A anaphylatoxin ELISA Kit; C4A ELISA Kit; C4A2 ELISA Kit; C4A3 ELISA Kit; C4A4 ELISA Kit; C4A6 ELISA Kit; C4AD ELISA Kit; C4B ELISA Kit; C4B_2 ELISA Kit; C4B1 ELISA Kit; C4B12 ELISA Kit; C4B2 ELISA Kit; C4B3 ELISA Kit; C4BD ELISA Kit; C4F ELISA Kit; C4S ELISA Kit; CH ELISA Kit; Chido form of C4 ELISA Kit; CO4 ELISA Kit; CO4A_HUMAN ELISA Kit; Complement C4 A ELISA Kit; Complement C4 B ELISA Kit; Complement C4 gamma chain ELISA Kit; complement C4-A ELISA Kit; complement C4-B ELISA Kit; complement C4-B-like ELISA Kit; complement C4B1a ELISA Kit; Complement component 4A (Rodgers blood group) ELISA Kit; Complement component 4A ELISA Kit; complement component 4B (Chido blood group) ELISA Kit; complement component 4B (Chido blood group); copy 2 ELISA Kit; Complement component 4B (Childo blood group) ELISA Kit; Complement component 4B ELISA Kit; Complement component 4F ELISA Kit; Complement component 4S ELISA Kit; CPAMD2 ELISA Kit; CPAMD3 ELISA Kit; RG ELISA Kit; Rodgers form of C4 ELISA Kit
    • 縮寫:
    • Uniprot No.:
    • 種屬:
      Homo sapiens (Human)
    • 樣本類型:
      serum, plasma, tissue homogenates
    • 檢測范圍:
      0.41 ng/mL-300 ng/mL
    • 靈敏度:
      0.41 ng/mL
    • 反應時間:
    • 樣本體積:
    • 檢測波長:
      450 nm
    • 研究領域:
    • 測定原理:
    • 測定方法:
    • 說明書:
    • 精密度:
      Intra-assay Precision (Precision within an assay): CV%<8%      
      Three samples of known concentration were tested twenty times on one plate to assess.  
      Inter-assay Precision (Precision between assays): CV%<10%      
      Three samples of known concentration were tested in twenty assays to assess.    
    • 線性度:
      To assess the linearity of the assay, samples were spiked with high concentrations of human C4 in various matrices and diluted with the Sample Diluent to produce samples with values within the dynamic range of the assay.
        Sample Serum(n=4)  
      1:1000 Average % 96  
      Range % 93-99  
      1:2000 Average % 100  
      Range % 97-103  
      1:4000 Average % 89  
      Range % 86-92  
      1:8000 Average % 100  
      Range % 97-104  
    • 回收率:
      The recovery of human C4 spiked to levels throughout the range of the assay in various matrices was evaluated. Samples were diluted prior to assay as directed in the Sample Preparation section.
      Sample Type Average % Recovery Range  
      Serum (n=5) 86 83-90  
      EDTA plasma (n=4) 95 91-99  
    • 標準曲線:
      These standard curves are provided for demonstration only. A standard curve should be generated for each set of samples assayed.
      ng/ml OD1 OD2 Average Corrected  
      300 2.873 2.897 2.885 2.786  
      100 1.916 1.968 1.942 1.843  
      33.3 1.281 1.299 1.290 1.191  
      11.1 0.878 0.898 0.888 0.789  
      3.7 0.495 0.472 0.484 0.385  
      1.23 0.195 0.212 0.204 0.105  
      0.41 0.187 0.192 0.190 0.091  
      0 0.101 0.097 0.099    
    • 本試劑盒所含材料:
      • A micro ELISA plate ---The 96-well plate has been pre-coated with an anti-human C4 antibody.
      • Two vials lyophilized standard ---Dilute a bottle of the standard at dilution series, read the OD values, and then draw a standard curve.
      • One vial HRP-conjugated C4 antibody (100 x concentrate) (120 μl/bottle) ---Bind to the C4 in the samples or standards and react with the substrate to make the solution chromogenic.
      • One HRP-conjugate Diluent(20 ml/bottle) ---Dilute the HRP-conjugated C4 antibody
      • Two vials Sample Diluent (20 ml/bottle) ---Dilute the sample solution.
      • One vial Wash Buffer (25x concentrate) (20ml/bottle) ---Wash away unbound or free substances.
      • One vial TMB Substrate (10 ml/bottle) ---Act as the chromogenic agent. TMB interacts with HRP, eliciting the solution turns blue.
      • One vial Stop Solution (7ml/bottle) ---Stop the color reaction. The solution color immediately turns from blue to yellow.
      • Four Adhesive Strips (For 96 wells) ---Cover the microplate when incubation.
      • An instruction manual



    • 本試劑盒不含材料:
      • A microplate reader capable of measuring absorbance at 450 nm, with the correction wavelength set at 600 nm or 630 nm.
      • An incubator can provide stable incubation conditions up to 37°C±5°C.
      • Centrifuge
      • Vortex
      • Squirt bottle, manifold dispenser, or automated microplate washer
      • Absorbent paper for blotting the microtiter plate
      • 50-300ul multi-channel micropipette
      • Pipette tips
      • Single-channel micropipette with different ranges
      • 100ml and 500ml graduated cylinders
      • Deionized or distilled water
      • Timer
      • Test tubes for dilution



    • 數據處理:
    • 貨期:
      3-5 working days



    • 功能:
      Non-enzymatic component of C3 and C5 convertases and thus essential for the propagation of the classical complement pathway. Covalently binds to immunoglobulins and immune complexes and enhances the solubilization of immune aggregates and the clearance of IC through CR1 on erythrocytes. C4A isotype is responsible for effective binding to form amide bonds with immune aggregates or protein antigens, while C4B isotype catalyzes the transacylation of the thioester carbonyl group to form ester bonds with carbohydrate antigens.; Derived from proteolytic degradation of complement C4, C4a anaphylatoxin is a mediator of local inflammatory process. It induces the contraction of smooth muscle, increases vascular permeability and causes histamine release from mast cells and basophilic leukocytes.
    • 基因功能參考文獻:
      1. The purpose of this study was to evaluate C4A and C4B in patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia in relation to CYP21A2 genotype and psychiatric and autoimmune comorbidity. We determined the copy numbers of C4A and C4B in 145 patients with CAH .No association was found between C4 copy number and autoimmune disease. PMID: 30465166
      2. Low C4 in systemic lupus erythematosus patients is due to consumption rather than deficient synthesis related to lower C4A & B gene copy numbers. PMID: 30041577
      3. Report strong association of systemic lupus erythematosus in individuals with low copy numbers of C4 and in particular in patients with complete deficiency of C4A. PMID: 29050534
      4. An increase in serum C4, as wall as a decrease in C3, was an important outcome determinant for patients with immunoglobulin A nephropathy. PMID: 28697742
      5. for the first time, a complete overview of C4 in SLE from genetic variation to binding capacity using a novel test. As this test detects crossing over of Rodgers and Chido antigens, it will allow for more accurate measurement of C4 in future studies. PMID: 29080553
      6. The study re-evaluates low-resolution crystal structures of C4 via interactive molecular-dynamics flexible fitting. In terms of biology, the results provide a better structural framework for understanding the pivotal function of the C4 protein within the complement system. PMID: 27599733
      7. An elevated number of C4 genes was observed in Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients as compared with healthy controls. The presence of high C4A and C4B copy numbers in AD patients could explain the increased C4 protein expression observed in AD patients, thus highlighting a possible role for C4A and C4B copy number variations in the risk of developing AD. PMID: 27758680
      8. This study shows that the C4c/C4 ratio seems to be a better diagnostic measure than total antigenic C4 alone. Our findings underline that screening with total antigenic C4 implies a risk of overlooking C1-INH-HAE patients. PMID: 28412283
      9. In comparison with C4-intact patients, C4-deficient patients had a different clinical/serologic lupus-like phenotype and lacked the lupus interferon signature. PMID: 27274010
      10. C4 copy number variations and deficiency of C4A both play an important role in the risk and manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus in East Asian and European populations PMID: 26814708
      11. Complement C4A deficiency appears to be an important factor for the genetic risk and pathogenesis of juvenile dermatomyositis, particularly in patients with a DR3-positive background. PMID: 26493816
      12. Coronary atherosclerosis is distinguished by serum C4 complement up-regulation and ceruloplasmin down-regulation. PMID: 28091899
      13. find strong statistical significance for association of increased copy number of C4A (OR 0.81 (0.73; 0.89);P = 4.4 x 10(-5)), with the effect most pronounced in individuals over 78 years (OR 0.67 (0.55; 0.81)) and females PMID: 27090374
      14. Copy Number Variation Scan Identifies Complement Component C4 as Novel Susceptibility Gene for Crohn's Disease. PMID: 26595553
      15. genetic polymorphism is associated with acute graft versus host disease in unrelated hematopoietic stem cell transplantation PMID: 26602146
      16. important role of complement C4a in inhibiting the HBV DNA secretion in chronic hepatitis b PMID: 26119402
      17. C4A and C4B gene copy numbers are stronger risk factors for juvenile-onset than for adult-onset systemic lupus erythematosus. PMID: 26800705
      18. Complement C4A deficiency (gene copy number <=1) was identified as a risk factor in a case-control study of juvenile dermatomyositis, particularly when subjects concurrently carried the HLA-DRB1*0301 allele. PMID: 26493816
      19. Increased age, rs2857009 single nucleotide polymorphism of complement component C4 and hepatitis C virus genotype were associated with disease progression. PMID: 25573496
      20. Low C4 was associated with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in primary Sjogren's syndrome. PMID: 26359802
      21. Schizophrenia risk from complex variation of complement component 4 PMID: 26814963
      22. C4 levels were significantly lower in Factor XII-hereditary angioedema than in idiopathic non-histaminergic acquired angioedema. PMID: 25744496
      23. our study indicates that Finnish NTM patients had significantly more often C4 deficiencies than the healthy control subjects. PMID: 24638111
      24. Complement components C3a and C4a, but not C5a, display antimicrobial activity against P. aeruginosa, E. coli, B. subtilis, and C. albicans. PMID: 17132627
      25. C4 is a novel cellular substrate of the HCV NS3/4A protease. PMID: 24349192
      26. Low C4 gene copy numbers are associated with superior graft survival in patients transplanted with a deceased donor kidney. PMID: 23715124
      27. serum C4a desArg is a potential biomarker for the severity of histological findings in patients with IgA nephropathy. PMID: 23708385
      28. Our findings indicate that a high copy number of C4A confers risk for Behcet disease by modulating the expression of C4A and enhancing IL-6 production. PMID: 23918728
      29. Studies indicate that initiation of lectin compleme pathway leads to activation of the serine proteases MASP-1 and MASP-2 resulting in deposition of C4 on the activator and assembly of the C3 convertase. PMID: 23911397
      30. C4d might be a biomarker for evaluating the risk for IUGR and disease control in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and pregnancy-induced hypertension. PMID: 23530559
      31. Studies indicate beta-defensins (DEFB4, DEFB103, DEFB104), chemokine ligand 3 like 1 (CCL3L1), Fc gamma receptor 3B (FCGR3B), and complement component C4 (C4) for copy number variation in disease association. PMID: 22837109
      32. Complement 4a plasma protein was identified as increased in Alzheimer's disease PMID: 22052466
      33. Deletion variants of C4 were found to be associated with SLE in Korean women, but did not reach statistical significance. PMID: 23335107
      34. study concludes that the association of C4 gene copy with systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE)was replicated in Chinese Han population, which highlighted the importance of C4 in SLE pathogenesis of diverse populations PMID: 21904924
      35. The precise order and size of all C4 genes were determined in RCCX, a multiallelic copy number variation locus. PMID: 22785613
      36. C4A deficiency is one of the minor defects of the innate immunity that may predispose children and young adults to recurrent respiratory infections. PMID: 22406254
      37. congenital adrenal hyperplasia patients have increased C4 copy number variation, with mutation-specific associations that may be protective for autoimmune disease PMID: 22886582
      38. C4A appears to associate with the protection of residual beta-cell function in new-onset type 1 diabetes. PMID: 22151770
      39. analysis of gene copy number of complement C4A, C4B and C4A silencing mutation by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction PMID: 22737222
      40. analysis of the structural basis for activation of the complement system by component C4 cleavage PMID: 22949645
      41. Complement C4a gene expression is regulated both by obesity and by the region between visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue. PMID: 22616691
      42. Past, present, and future perspectives of C4d as a biomarker, focusing on its use in solid organ transplantation and discussing its possible new roles in autoimmunity and pregnancy. Review. PMID: 22297669
      43. We showed no evidence for a role of hs-CRP, C3 and C4 in the association between BMI and asthma symptoms in overweight children. PMID: 21801245
      44. Although complete homozygous deficiency of complement C4 is one of the strongest genetic risk factors for SLE, partial C4 deficiency states do not independently predispose to the disease. PMID: 22387014
      45. Individuals with 4, 2, and 2 copies of C4, C4A and C4B genes, especially those with A2B2 polymorphism may associate with the development of Graves' disease PMID: 21943165
      46. Data show that in the UK cohort, total C4 GCN ranged from 2 to 6, with copy numbers from 0 to 4 observed for both C4A and C4B, while in the Spanish cohort, C4A GCN from 0 to 6 and C4B GCN from 0 to 5. PMID: 21857912
      47. The study shows the complement component C4A in the plasmas of sePE women is lower than the severe, late-onset PE women, and the Apolipoprotein A-I level is higher in sePE women than slPE women. PMID: 21677994
      48. C4 mRNA levels of the two isoforms (C4A and C4B) were significantly reduced in hepatocytes transfected with RNA from HCV genotype 1a or 2a. PMID: 21345967
      49. The reduction in olfactory function in these hereditary angioedema cases seems to correlate with complement C4 and CH50 levels. PMID: 20649895
      50. not demonstrate that C4 gene copy number associates with transplant outcome PMID: 21164027



    • 相關疾?。?/div>
      Complement component 4A deficiency (C4AD); Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
    • 亞細胞定位:
      Secreted. Cell junction, synapse. Cell projection, axon. Cell projection, dendrite.
    • 組織特異性:
      Complement component C4 is expressed at highest levels in the liver, at moderate levels in the adrenal cortex, adrenal medulla, thyroid gland, and the kidney, and at lowest levels in the heart, ovary, small intestine, thymus, pancreas and spleen. The extr
    • 數據庫鏈接:

      HGNC: 1323

      OMIM: 120790

      KEGG: hsa:720

      STRING: 9606.ENSP00000396688

      UniGene: Hs.534847

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