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    Human Angiopoietin 4,ANG-4 ELISA Kit

    • 中文名称:
      人血管生成素4(ANG-4)ELISA Kit
    • 货号:
    • 规格:
    • 价格:
    • 其他:


    • 别名:
      AGP4 ELISA Kit; ANG-3 ELISA Kit; ANG-4 ELISA Kit; ANG3 ELISA Kit; ANG4 ELISA Kit; Angiopoietin 3 ELISA Kit; Angiopoietin 4 ELISA Kit; Angiopoietin-3 ELISA Kit; Angiopoietin-4 ELISA Kit; ANGP4_HUMAN ELISA Kit; ANGPT4 ELISA Kit; dJ824F16.2 (angiopoietin 4) ELISA Kit; MGC138181 ELISA Kit; MGC138183 ELISA Kit; OTTHUMP00000029947 ELISA Kit
    • 缩写:
    • Uniprot No.:
    • 种属:
      Homo sapiens (Human)
    • 检测范围:
      Request Information
    • 灵敏度:
      Request Information
    • 反应时间:
    • 样本体积:
    • 检测波长:
      450 nm
    • 研究领域:
    • 货期:
      3-5 working days



    • 功能:
      Binds to TEK/TIE2, modulating ANGPT1 signaling. Can induce tyrosine phosphorylation of TEK/TIE2. Promotes endothelial cell survival, migration and angiogenesis.
    • 基因功能参考文献:
      1. Ang-4 also promoted survival of LECs. Thus, blocking Ang-4 may prune the draining lymphatic vasculature and decrease interstitial fluid pressure (IFP) by reducing vascular permeability. PMID: 25977256
      2. acute-phase protein A1AT is a physiological regulator of angptl4, another acute-phase protein. PMID: 24760148
      3. Angptl4 is a glucocorticoid-responsive mediator of fasting-induced intracellular lipolysis and stimulates cAMP signaling in adipocytes PMID: 22267746
      4. In tumor cells, only Ang-4 expression has prognostic impact in NSCLC. In NSCLC tumor stroma, Ang-4 and Ang-2 are independently associated with survival. PMID: 21603628
      5. Linkage to 20p13 including the ANGPT4 gene in families with mixed Alzheimer disease and vascular dementia is reported. PMID: 20596041
      6. Results establish the novel effects of Ang-4 on tumor angiogenesis and GBM progression and suggest that this pro-GBM effect of Ang-4 is mediated by promoting tumor angiogenesis and activating Erk1/2 kinase in GBM cells. PMID: 20823154
      7. the angiopoietin/Tie-2 system may participate in the angiogenic response to hypoxia in renal tissues and in tumor angiogenesis in renal carcinoma. PMID: 15198927
      8. Recombinant Ang4 formed disulfide-linked dimers. Ang4 produces corneal angiogenesis extending from the limbus across the mouse cornea in vivo. Ang4 is an agonist of Tie2. PMID: 15284220
      9. angiopoietin-4 inhibits angiogenesis and reduces interstitial fluid pressure PMID: 16790085
      10. Results describe the expression of angiopoietin-1, 2 and 4 and Tie-1 and 2 in gastrointestinal stromal tumors, leiomyomas and schwannomas. PMID: 17724803



    • 亚细胞定位:
    • 组织特异性:
      Highly expressed in the lung with much lower levels found in other tissues.
    • 数据库链接:

      HGNC: 487

      OMIM: 603705

      KEGG: hsa:51378

      STRING: 9606.ENSP00000371347

      UniGene: Hs.278973

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